We are a clothing brand that embodies the many cultures that reside in Toronto. We began with Ancient Egypt, as it is where the owner of this company originates from, before moving to Canada 6 years ago. 'When I first arrived in Canada, I felt separated from my culture and my family, but I gradually met many people who called Canada their home, and originated from similar countries like mine, as well as from many other countries. I wanted to connect all these countries and their history to the people of Toronto through clothing, something that I have been a part of for more than 15 years.'


    - Shehab, 401 Clothing founder

401 Clothing specializes in high quality prints that everyone can enjoy! Check out the prints                                                             we have available!


DTG is a method of printing that allows us to print directly into the garment of your choice with inkjet technology, creating a flush finish and a quick print without compromising quality! DTG uses specialty inks, which are absorbed by the fibres in the garment. This method prefers cotton or cotton blended fabrics to ensure the print stays and looks beautiful. Denim and cotton handbags are also possible to decorate with digital printing. Photographs and high detail images are perfect for this type of printing. Requires no minimum order quantity.


Vinyl material is cut and heat pressed onto the garment for a silky and smooth finish. Best for simple designs or text and can be used on any types of fabric, such as, cotton, 50/50, polyester, triblends. Requires no minimum order quantity.